Fruit Variants - Raisin Almond

Raisin Almond
Raisin Almond


SOY is perfectly paired with antioxidant-rich RAISIN and ALMOND for added beauty-boosting properties.

What's Inside

All SOYJOY® bars are made with minimally processed soy to retain most of its nutrients like protein and fibre.


Soybean Powder (non-GM Soybean), Raisin, Butter (Milk Product), Sugar, Almond (Treenuts), Egg, Dried Cranberry, Malto Dextrin, Dried Pineapple, Dried Papaya, Cacao Mass, Salt, Cheese Powder (Milk Product), Flavour (Rum, Vanilla)
Contains: Milk
NO trans fat or hydrogenated oils.
NO artificial colours, flavours, hydrogenated oils or gluten.

Allergy Information

SOYJOY may contain nuts, seed, or nut/seed-by-products.

NUTRITION FACTS Serving Size: 1 Bar (27g)
Energy: 111k Calories

Amount per serving

Amount per serving


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